Massacre Tactical Laser Tag


Designed from the ground up as a stimulating arena for laser tag. A live Hollywood movie set with real props create multi-dimensional, “Call of Duty” style war-gaming experience not found anywhere else. The facility is climate controlled, heated and air-conditioned. 

Massacre Tactical Laser Tags Arena offers action packed gaming scenarios in a complex urban environment with:

  • 5 Buildings including a Movie Theater, Jail, Butcher Shop & More
  • Realistic airplane & vehicle crashes
  • Other structures and obstacles
  • Alleyways & Streets

The layouts are constantly changing and evolving.  The Massacre puts players into a unique battle experience. Choose to patrol the streets, hide in the shadows, or wreak havoc from above. No matter how many times you play, you won't get bored. Our arena and gaming experience has been designed for all types of skill levels, ages and experience.

Forget black lights and cheesy plastic guns. Massacre Tactical Laser Tag is the future of laser tag gaming.