Massacre Tactical Laser Tag

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Get Your Game On with UNLIMITED PLAY

Every Friday Night from 8-11pm for only $20 per person

Movie Style Battlefield

Our Arena is so detailed you will feel like you are playing in a Hollywood movie scene!

Exciting Weapons & Gear

Several gun options are available including M16's, M4s, Pistols & more


Imagine stepping into video games such as Call of Duty™ or Battlefield™ and becoming part of the story. Forget about paintball, airsoft, or traditional laser tag. iCOMBAT uses the very realistic irTactical system, currently deployed with police and military personnel around the world. You can also find iCOMBAT on TV, featured on such shows as Elite Tactical Unit: SWAT.


Designed from the ground up as a stimulating arena for laser tag. A live Hollywood movie set with real props create multi-dimensional, “Call of Duty” style war-gaming experience not found anywhere else. The facility is climate controlled, heated and air-conditioned. MORE


Located in the same building is Mind Trap Escape Rooms. Rated Top 10 in America by the USA Today, these world class escape rooms are like no other. Book a room with friends and family and see if you can get out in time. MORE